Monday, July 23, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: Just Another Polish Wedding (1977) - THE PASTA FACTORY ITALIAN RESTAURANT 415 Washington Blvd - Marina Del Rey, CA

The below photo is from a Rockford Files scene - "Just Another Polish Wedding" - the building is the MARINA TOWER APARTMENTS 415 Washington Boulevard  Marina Del Rey, CA - The red large sign was for the Guerino's Deli Restaurant once located in this building. "THE PASTA FACTORY ITALIAN RESTAURANT" is now located in this corner portion of the MARINA TOWER APARTMENT BUILDING.

The below photo reflects what the MARINA TOWER APARTMENT BUILDING looks like in 2012

BELOW PHOTO: In the same scene from above, a "Musicians Union Local 0174" hall could be seen across the street from the Marina Tower Apartments. I believe the Musicians' Union Office was actually fictitious and only used for the production/filming of this episode. The building they used for this fake union hall is located at 450 Washington Boulevard  Marina Del Rey, CA.

BELOW PHOTO: 450 Washington Boulevard  Marina Del Rey, CA as it is today in 2012.