Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Rockford Files - The Dexter Crisis (1974) - Doctor's Office & Drug Store 10657 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles - University Apartments 10703 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles - 4500 Block of Cartwright

ABOVE TWO PHOTOS: Corner of Cartwright & Riverside in Los Angles.
10657 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA
The brown building once housed a physician's office and a drug store.
The pay phone Jim Rockford is using in this scene is the actual payphone that was once in front of this business.
At the rear of the bottom photo you can see the apartment building that was used in this episode, belonging to the missing girl JimRockford was hired to find.
ABOVE PHOTO: Jim Rockford goes to the apartment of a missing girl he was hired to find. This apartment building is located right behind the Tolucan Times Newspaper office located at 10700 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles. The numerical portion of this building's address was shown as 10703 in this episode. The building actually sits at the dead end street of 4500 Cartwright Ave.
BELOW PHOTO: The same apartment building as it looks in 2013.
Three Chicago, Illinois born actors appeared in this episode of the Rockford Files
The Dexter Crisis
ABOVE PHOTO: All three actors were born in my hometown of Chicago, IL.
Tim O'Connor - Ron Soble - Joyce Jameson
Only Tim O'Connor is still with us today...
ABOVE PHOTO: The beautiful Linda Kelsey played Louise Henderson - Still looking sexy as ever almost 40 years later!
ABOVE PHOTO: Sexy Lee Purcell played the missing / run-away girl Jim Rockford was hired to find & return.
ABOVE PHOTO: Bing Russell played the Lt. on the Sheriff's Police Force. Bing died in 2003 at age 74.
Although best known as the deputy on "Bonanza" (1959) and Robert in The Magnificent Seven (1960), Russell's notoriety on a national level was as the owner of the Portland Mavericks Baseball Club. Helming the only independent team in the class A Northwest League, Russell was an innovator. Before Bull Durham (1988), there were the Mavericks. Russell kept a 30 man roster because he believed that some of the players deserved to have one last season. His motto was simply one three lettered word - not WIN - although the Mavericks did just that - no, the word was FUN. He created a park that kept all corporate sponsorship outside the gates, hired the first female general manager in professional baseball, and the following year hired the first Asian American GM/Manager. That same season his team set a record for the highest attendance in Minor league history, and went on to win the pennant. Ex-major leaguers and never-weres who couldn't stop playing the game flocked to his June tryouts, which were always open to anyone that showed up. From as far away as Capetown, and France, players would head to Portland for a chance with Russell's Mavericks.