Saturday, October 12, 2013

UPDATE: This filming location has been identified! The Green Spot Motel in Victorville, CA - The Rockford Files - Backlash of the Hunter - We are stumped on this location and need your help.

The Green Spot Motel
16937 C Street, Victorville, CA 92395
(Still images from this episode) The above photo shows the side of the street that the wedding chapel was located on and the below photo shows the opposite side of the street which had the "Valley Auto Supplies" painted sign.
UPDATE: Don said...
Did more checking and found the address of the old Valley Auto Parts (named for Victor Valley), which is 15614 8th St., Victorville, CA. Google searches for that address show it now to be an unmarked McDonald's office, which is next door to the Victorville Fire Dept.

In this Rockford episode it appears that they transformed this old motel into a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The second photo shows the brick wall across the street from this makeshift wedding chapel. One would presume that Valley Auto Supply is located in the Simi/Silicon Valley area of California.
Does anybody know the location of this motel?

16937 C St, Victorville, CA 92395
As the GREEN SPOT MOTEL looks today in 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Rockford Files - Episopde: Claire (1975) James Garner and Linda Evans - White Owl Lounge in Van Nuys, CA which is now Michael's Market Liquors

A big thank you to viewer Jamie Shields who submitted the below information to the blog.
ABOVE PHOTOS: Left: James Garner and Linda Evans as they appeared in the 1975 episode "CLAIRE" of the Rockford Files - Right: 70 year old Linda Evans today
ABOVE PHOTO: Jim Rockford meets his old troubled flame Claire at the White Owl Lounge.
The White Owl Lounge was once located at 7510 Woodman Ave in VanNuys, CA.
Today it is Michael's Market Liquors.
ABOVE PHOTO: Michael's Market Liquors at 7510 Woodman Ave in Van Nuys, CA.
The "White Owl Lounge" front and entrance was actually located on the far left side of this building which faces Woodman Place. The building has since been split in two and the left side is now an appliance sales and service shop.