Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Filming Location Identified thanks to Jeff Morrison (mozilla) - Kilroy's Tavern - The Rockford Files - Episode: The Return of the Black Shadow (1979)

KILROY'S TAVERN as seen in the Rockford Files - Episode: The Return of the Black Shadow (1979).


2820 Main Street, Santa Monica California

Thanks to Jeff Morrison (Mozilla)

The location of Kilroy's was 2820 Main Street, Santa Monica California.

You will notice that across the street from Kilroy's is a business called Colors of the Wind...located across Ashland Avenue(2900 Main Street). You will also notice the one way street just to the west of Colors of the Wind, which is still a one way street, today.
Also, notice in the reflection contained within Colors of the Winds is a reflection of the facade of the high rise apartments located on Nelson way, directly behind and a half block north of Kilroy's.

You can also confirm the location based on the building that is to the east of the banner crossing Main Street that says 'welcome to main street'. This building is at 3005 Main Street.

I have also updated one of your locations that was incorrect. It is from 2012. The cab company that Becker was working at...wasn't on South was at 530 S. Los Angeles St.

Thanks for such a great site.

Jeff Morrison(Mozilla)