Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Rockford Files - Episode: The Battle of Canoga Park (1977) Burbank Kawaski Dealer/Store 1329 North Hollywood Way Burbank CA

The rooftop sign for this motorcycle dealership is hidden behind the red, white and blue banner. They covered the name of Burbank Kawasaki because this episode was suppose to be about trouble in Canoga Park and not Burbank, CA.

The Rockford Files - Episode: "Chicken Little Is A Little Chicken" (1975)

The Church Angel Martin had his fake funeral service in:
First Christian Church Of North Hollywood
4390 Colfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Above Photo: In the opening scene they showed this church's bell tower ringing its bell. They used stock footage of a church bell ringing... This is not the bell tower on the First Christian Church Of North Hollywood.

ABOVE PHOTO: First Christian Church Of North Hollywood as it appears today.


The hot dog stand which use to be located on the beach at Paradise Cove.