Sunday, August 18, 2019

ROCKFORD FILES - EPISODE: Kill The Messenger (1978) La Cita Bar - Savoy Hotel - Mayfair Market - Arturo's Flowers - Satyr Adult Motel

Update 08/18/2019: Brian's Rockford Files said...
The La Cita Bar in this episode was not on Hill street in downtown LA but at 401 S San Fernando Road in Burbank (There is a Hilton Garden Inn there now). The Savoy Hotel was at 344 South San Fernando Rd, and it too is long gone. I found these addresses in a old phone book from that era and Rockford's drive to the Savoy from La Cita clearly has the same Burbank hills in the background that you see today looking up Verdugo from San Fernando road.

ABOVE IMAGES: The LaCita Bar as seen in this episode of the Rockford Files.
336 South Hill, Los Angeles, California, USA

The old Savoy Hotel on 6th Street and Grand Ave in Los Angeles. This area has been turned into expensive high end condos as of recently.

ABOVE IMAGES: The Mayfair Market Grocery Store that was once located at 1234 LeBrea Street in West Hollywood, CA - In recent years it was a Jon's Grocery Shop but today it is closed down and the building remains unused. 

ABOVE IMAGE: Jim Rockford gets attacked by two thugs in the parking lot of this dry cleaners once located at 7063 Sunset Blvd. Today it is a StarBucks Coffee Shop and mini-mall.

Actor Ed Harris of the RIGHT STUFF & APOLLO 13 fame starred in this episode of the Rockford Files as a murdering bad LAPD cop. 

Arturo's Flowers use to be in the corner building in this row of commercial buildings located on the 1200 Block of North LaBrea Ave. 

ABOVE IMAGES: The address on the ashtray does not exist nor is there any information on the Internet about the "Satyr Adult Motel". Most likely the ashtray was just a prop for this episode of the Rockford Files.