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The Rockford Files - Episode: Tall Woman in Red Wagon (1974) - Ashbrook and Elmira, California, Fred Harvey's Ranch House Inn, Wayne's Mill Place & North Tourney Road, Valencia, California - James Murtaugh played train conductor Steve McWilliams - Murtaugh guest starred in four Rockford Files episodes - George DiCenzo played IRS Agent Harry Stoner - George DiCenzo past away at age 70 in 2010 - Angus Duncan played Joe Barron Jr. - Duncan guest starred in three Rockford Files episodes and past away at age 70 in 2007 - Jack Stamberger played a train station manager - he past away at age 70 in 1980 - Ryan McDonald played a hotel manager, he will be 84 years old this year, John Crawford played Dr. Kenilworth, Susan Damante played Charlotte Duskey - A big thank you to Terry Guy for help in identifying the train depot used in this episode - Santa Clarita Bank in Santa Clarita, CA

Update 22 November 2018:  I was able to pinpoint the location of the café and the bank. The café where Rockford and Sandra Turkel (Sian Barbara Allen) met is currently located at: Hidden Havana Cuban Café 23548 Lyons Ave. Suite A Santa Clarita, CA 91321 It is within a shopping center at the corner of Lyons Ave. and Peachland Ave. in Santa Clarita. I don’t know what the name of the café was before it became Hidden Havana. The bank (which once had the distinctive sign) is currently Union Bank at 23620 Lyons Ave. in Santa Clarita. You can do Google satellite views set to 3D to zero in on this area. --Don H. 

Need help in the two below photos:

ABOVE TWO IMAGES: The bank sign over the shoulder of Jim Rockford is the key to identifying this filming location. I believe the bank sign is for the Santa Clarita Bank in Santa Clarita, CA.
Anybody remember where this sign once stood? Please let us know by leaving it in the comment section.

ABOVE TWO IMAGES: The train depot use for this episode located in the cities of Ashbrook and Elmira, California - In this episode the Rockford Files used the same train depot for the two aforementioned cities. Thanks to Terry Guy, a viewer of this blog and pro photographer, we have learned that the train depot used was the  Santa Fe Railway station in Pasadena, CA.

ABOVE IMAGE: Train Station / Depot at Pasadena, CA - Terry Guy Wrote the following:

That picture was taken within the last two weeks of Amtrak service to that location.  The line from downtown Los Angeles out to Pasadena had been purchased by the Los Angeles County Transportation Agency for conversion into an electrified light rail line, and the Amtrak trains would switch to a more southerly routing into L.A. after January 14, 1994.  

Trains on what is now known as the MTA Gold Line still stop here, but the station building has been converted into a restaurant and is hemmed in by multistory, mixed-use, retail/residential buildings.  Attached is a picture I took of it in 2010. 

ABOVE IMAGE: Fred Harvey's Ranch House Inn, Wayne's Mill Place & North Tourney Road, Valencia, California

ABOVE IMAGES: Some amazing Hollywood talent - LEFT TO RIGHT - Fellow Chicagoan James Murtaugh played train conductor Steve McWilliams - Murtaugh guest starred in four Rockford Files episodes - George DiCenzo played IRS Agent Harry Stoner - George DiCenzo past away at age 70 in 2010 - Angus Duncan played Joe Barron Jr. - Duncan guest starred in three Rockford Files episodes and past away at age 70 in 2007 - Jack Stamberger played a train station manager - he past away at age 70 in 1980 - Ryan McDonald played a hotel manager, he will be 84 years old this year.

 ABOVE IMAGE: Conductor (unaccredited)
  ABOVE IMAGE: Mob Thugs (unaccredited)
 ABOVE IMAGE: Waitress (unaccredited)

ABOVE IMAGE: John Crawford played Dr. Kenilworth

 ABOVE IMAGE: Susan Damante played Charlotte Duskey

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The Rockford Files - Episode: This Case Is Closed - Episode Blooper

During the first segment of this episode Jim Rockford was being tailed by another private investigator. Jim loses this tail by going into a gated parking lot. In the above image you can see the two camera men and the two movie cameras on tripods as the scene shows the parking lot entrance/exit gate.

Friday, May 11, 2018

What or where was the locations of Jim Rockford's house trailer & office on the Rockford Files TV Show - The parking lot of BOB MORRIS' PARADISE COVE BEACH CAFE & the parking lot of the long defunct Tonga Lei Lounge / Don the Beachcomer's Lounge both in Malibu California - 29 Cove Road - 2356 Pacific Coast Highway - 28128 Pacific Coast Highway - Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy

This Blog's #1 Internet Search Question - What was the location(s) of Jim Rockford's beach front trailer and office?
Over 4,000,000 viewers have reached our blog by searching that question alone!
And thank you to over 10,000,000 viewers who have visited our Rockford Files filming location blog.

ABOVE PHOTO: In the first year of filming the ROCKFORD FILES the house trailer used by Jim Rockford was parked directly next to Malibu's Tonga Lei Restaurant & Lounge which was once located at 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, Calif. 90265 456-6444.  This location was actually right on Pacific Coast Highway unlike the later location which was well off Pacific Coast Highway.
Tonga Lei was a popular Malibu restaurant and motel right on PCH in scenic Malibu, and operated from the '60s probably into the '70s, when it became a Don the Beachcomber.

Later on Jim Rockford's house trailer was moved to the parking lot of what is now the Paradise Cove Beach Café located at 28128 Pacific Coast Highway. Although it has a Pacific Coast Highway address it is actually located down a ways from the highway and is situated right on the oceanfront. The road is called Paradise Cove Road, thus the address they used for this location in the TV series: 29 Cove Road Malibu, CA


The outdoor grill located on the beach where Jim Rockford had parked his trailer had several names during the run of the TV series. In this episode the grill was called CASA TACOS.

The Rockford Files - Episode: Aura Lee, Farewell - Opening scene - Sea Shore Inn Fish House on Pacific Coast Highway

Here is another scene that we need help with. I digitally enhanced the restaurant's sign in the bottom photo. The restaurant was named SEA SHORE INN - FISH HOUSE. It appears to be on the Pacific Coast Highway. Anybody remember this restaurant and its location? Thanks! 

We have solved yet another location mystery. Loyal viewer Don H. has identified this location as 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Thank you Don H. for your assistance again...

BELOW: Some better quality images of the Sea Shore Inn Fish House as seen in another TV series: Ghost Story (TV 1972)- The Concrete Captain

The Rockford Files - Episode: Aura Lee, Farewell (1975) Filming Location: Oscar's Restaurant

This episode featured many great actors/actresses.
 Above Photo: The "Bionic Woman" Lindsay Wagner makes her second appearance in The Rockford Files as bikini shop owner Sara Butler.
 Above Photo: A very young and beautiful Melissa Green plays the role of Aura Lee.
 Above Photo: The woman in the black and white checkered coat is actress Linda Dano, her current photo is shown in the bottom right corner of this image. Linda played Senator Evan Murdock's wife. The woman interviewing her is real life news reporter Kelly Lange. The late great Robert Webber can be seen standing in front of Jim Rockford, Webber played California State Senator Evan Murdock. 
 Above Photo:
Date of Birth1 January 1948Brooklyn, New York, USA
Birth NameThomas Scott

Mini Bio (1)

Tom Scott was a predominantly a '70s African-American lead and supporting actor who appeared sporadically on television and in films beginning in the late 1960s. His first Hollywood appearance was as a student on "The Patty Duke Show" in 1964, He made appearances, mostly in guest spots on such popular TV shows as "Sanford and Son", "Marcus Welby, M.D.", and "Quincy M.E". His last Hollywood appearance was in a 1999 low-budget science-fiction thriller entitled "Age to Age".
played the motel manager, Ralph Salisbury.

 Above Photo: Actor Greg Mullavey played the seedy con-artist Dirk Schaffer very well... You got to love that slick 1970's outfit he is sporting in this scene. 
 Above Photo: Veteran character actor Henry Slate played the crusty restaurant owner Oscar. Henry sadly passed away in 1996 at the age of 86. 
 Above Photo: Bill Mumy who became famous as young Will Robinson in the TV series "Lost in Space" played the painter/artist Trask. Along with his most impressive list of television/film credits, Bill is also a very talented well-known musician, songwriter, recording artist, as well as writer. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, percussion and sings. He has released three solo CDs, 1997's "Dying To Be Heard", 1999's "In The Current" and the 2000 release of his third solo album, "Pandora's Box". All three released on Renaissance Records.

Oscar's Restaurant Update: I received the following information from Melissa Greene who played Aura Lee (As seen in the above photo) - She currently writes on FaceBook - Write From The Heart (Is her page)
Hello William - Oscar's was on the Pacific Coast Highway, on the right as you were heading north from the point where Sunset Blvd meets the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm not sure if that was the real name or not. The Sea Shore restaurant, shown in a few of your shots may very well have been right there at the end of Sunset Blvd., where it meets Pacific Coast Highway. If so, Oscar's was located across the street from a 50s style motel  - now gone, I'm sure - where the two highways intersected. That's where Robert Webber and I shot the montage of our  dinner and drinks preceding our "one night stand." The car accident scene was shot on a street on the Pepperdine College Campus in Malibu.


UPDATE: May 11, 2018: 

On May 10, 2018, I received a phone call from Gary J. Moreno. Mr. Moreno worked on the original Rockford Files TV series – listed by in the following fields: Set Decorator | Art Department | Special Effects. I recent wrote him in an attempt to ascertain any additional information about Oscar’s restaurant.  

Since this episode was filmed over 40 years, I knew, at best this was a shot in a dark. I can hardly remember what I did last year, let alone almost ½ a century ago. Mr. Moreno was able to remember a few things about the Oscar’s filming location. First that Oscar’s was not the real name of the restaurant but a fictitious name for the purpose of filming. Mr. Moreno also confirmed what was previously stated to our blog by actress Melissa Greene who played Aura Lee. Specifically that the Oscar’s location was located north of Sunset Blvd. on Pacific Coast Highway. Oscar’s was located just north of a real restaurant shown in this episode called Sea Shore Inn restaurant – which in 2018 is named Gladstone's

17300 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. 

Mr. Moreno, and rightfully so, could not recall the real name of the restaurant called Oscar’s in this episode.  He also confirmed it was on the Oceanside of Pacific Coast Highway, directly across the street from an old roadside motel that is no longer in existence (Non-Oceanside of PCH).    

Thank you Mr. Moreno for your gracious phone call and information…… 

OK, enough with the actors/actresses in this episode. Here is what we need help identifying. It's a little grill called Oscar's in this episode. Not sure if that was the real name of the restaurant or not. It appears to be along the Pacific Coast Highway in 1975. The above two images show the building.
Anybody have any idea where this place is or was located?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Oldest living actor/actress that appeared on the Rockford Files TV Show passes away - Connie Sawyer was 105 years old - Played Mrs. Fornechefsky in the 1978 episode "The Gang at Don's Drive-In"

Viewer Chad S. informed us that Connie Sawyer passed away at age 105 on 01/21/2018

In the above still image from the 1978 Rockford Files - Episode: "The Gang at Don's Drive-In" Connie Sawyer played the role of Mrs. Fornechefsky, whose daughter was murdered at age 18. Ms. Sawyer was 66 years old at the time. She is still acting today at 104 years old.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Rockford Files - EPISODE: GUILT (1979) The Factory Auto Repairs - "Independent Rorschey Repairs" 13332 West Washington Blvd Culver City California - James Import Motor Service - Burger King 13334 West Washington Blvd (Now Demolished)

ABOVE IMAGE: THE FACTORY auto repairs - It's slogan on the wall says, "Independent Rorschey Repairs" 13332 West Washington Blvd which was located next to the now demolished Burger King 13334 West Washington Blvd. - THE FACTORY is now James Import Motor Works.. The Burger King was recently demolished for a large residential condo or apartment building.  

Below 2017