Monday, March 31, 2014

The Rockford Files - Episode: Just Another Polish Wedding (1977) The Crystal Palace in Covina California, Nazi Bar, Kifune Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 405 W Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292

I worked on identifying this filming location for a while. I was finally able to identified it after writing to a few of the actors who played Nazis in this episode. One of the actors, who wishes to remain anonymous, clued me in to the actual location. 
Jim Rockford's old parole agent, Marcus Aurelius "Gabby" Hayes played by Louis Gossett Jr., has become a private detective and also with "Gabby" is muscle man / enforcer Gandolph Fitch, played by Iaac Hayes...
This so called "clue" leads these two characters to the Crystal Palace in Covina, CA.
It turns out that this location was NOT in Covina but in Venice, California.

ABOVE TWO PHOTOS: Marcus Aurelius "Gabby" Hayes & Gandolph Fitch arrive at the Crystal Palace Lounge.

ABOVE PHOTO: Actor in the Nazi uniform is Actor and Stuntman Ted White

ABOVE THREE PHOTOS: To the surprise of Marcus Aurelius "Gabby" Hayes & Gandolph Fitch the Crystal Palace Lounge is a private Nazi club. The big bartender was played by actor Dennis Burkley who we lost in 2013.

ABOVE PHOTO: The Crystal Palace Lounge is now the Kifune Sushi Bar in Venice California located at 405 W Washington Blvd, Venice, CA - You can still see the "A" frame roof entrance way today.

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Paul McCool said...

The "Nazi" looking at Gossett and Hayes from behing in the 3rd or 4th photo is actor Ted White, a long time character actor and stuntman, who later played Jason Voorhies in two of the Friday the 13th movies, and had small roles in Starman, Against All Odds, Romancing The Stone and Silverado.