Sunday, April 6, 2014

I will be traveling from Chicago to the Los Angeles area in JUNE 2014.... Please feel free to leave me any places or locations I should check out while there in the comment section

I originally had planned to be in Los Angeles in 2012... but that got nixed so I re-scheduled for June of 2014.

Please list in the comment section any places I should not miss!

I know I do want to eat at Paradise Cove Restaurant, visit Karen Carpenter's resting place and also drive the Pacific Coast Highway....


Anonymous said...

I am sending you an e-mail. I am an executive officer with Warner Bros. Studios. I wish to extend a VIP invitation to you to our studios. We are honored to have a police officer like yourself to come to our location.

Additionally I love your Rockford blog.

Be Safe!

Tim said...

Paradise Cove is a beautiful place, I went only because of my love of The Rockford Files, stayed because it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. 40 bucks to park for the day though. Be sure to walk way down the beach behind where his trailer would have been, you will have many flashes of memories from the filming they did in the coves. The week prior I went and saw AJ's house from Simon & Simon (on my birthday no less). Great way to weave fandom into a vacation. Love the blog, visit every week or so to see what you've put up!

James Rockford said...

Thanks Tim!!!!