Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Rockford Files - A drive down Los Angeles' Cahuenga Ave in the 1970's - Pacific Radio - Texaco - Thomas Top And Upholstering


In the above four images we can see Rocky and Jim driving Thomas Top and Upholstering which is still located at 1317 North Cahuenga Ave, Los Angeles, CA.


In the above images we can see Rocky and Jim passing a neighborhood Texaco gas station. Back in the 1970's there were many neighborhood gas stations with just a few gas pumps and a stall or two to repair cars. Most small gas stations are now gone, replaced by large gas stations with a dozen or two gas pumps and no service bays for car repairs. This Texaco Gas Station was once located in the 1300 Block of North Cahuenga Ave in Los Angeles, CA. It now appears to be an extra storage building for the above Thomas Top and Upholstering business.


In the above few images we see Jimbo and Rocky passing the building that once housed "Pacific Radio". This building is now a business named "Aspect Ratio" and is located at 1347 North Cahuenga Ave in Los Angeles, CA.


10077 said...

Very cool to see this.

J. Brian Pierce said...

I have no clue how a person who never has visted Los Angeles figues out where all these locations are or once were. You are totally amazing. Thanks.