Monday, October 1, 2012

From the E-Mail Department... A question from a viewer

Hello Rockford Files Blogger;
I enjoyed scrolling through your website. I am also a fan of the Rockford files. I notice you pay close attention to detail so I thought I would contact you and ask a question.
I bought a piece of memorabilia on eBay that was supposed to be from the Rockford files. I am not sure if it ever did make it to the screen but I wanted to see if you or anyone you know might recognize it. Just a shot in the dark and thank you for your time. Attached is a picture of the prop.
Thank you .
Can anybody help Joe? Have you seen this item as a prop or background piece on the Rockford Files TV Series?
Leave any info in the comment section or e-mail it to me at RockfordLocations@Live.Com

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