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FILMING LOCATIONS - Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise (1995) - Acropolis Picture Movie Studios / Desilu / Cahuenga Studios / Red Studios / Angel Martin's Church "Temple of Holy Light" / United Armenian Congregational Church / GPS Co. / Reproductions 3499 Cahuenga Boulevard West / Queen of Thai Cuisine 819 N Cahuenga Blvd / Goodman Music / West L.A. Music 3501 Cahuenga Boulevard West / Corleone's Restaurant / Robin Rose Ice Cream Shop 215 Rose Ave Venice CA / The Phoenix Nightclub 333 corner of Santa Monica & La Cienega, West Hollywood - James Garner - Renée O'Connor - Stuart Margolin - Joel McKinnon Miller - Richard Romanus

ABOVE PHOTO: Actress Renee O'Connor really made this Rockford Files episode exciting to watch. Although Renee O'Connor is 43 years younger than James Garner their pairing up in this show was fantastic. Renée O'Connor played Laura Sue Dean, an aspiring actress who is about to hit it big with a major motion picture. 

ABOVE PHOTO: What would be a Rockford Files episode be without Angel Martin. Stuart Margolin played Evelyn 'Angel' Martin who magically became a famous TV minister. Angel's holy role ends up getting Jim Rockford and others in hot water.
ABOVE PHOTO: Jim Rockford and Angel Martin have a strong bond of friendship and love but that never stops the two from going heads up with each other.
ABOVE PHOTO: Angel Martin's Church "Temple of Holy Light" is actually United Armenian Congregational Church - 3480 Cahuenga Boulevard West - Los Angeles, CA 90068.
Rockford Files: A Blessing In Disguise (1995)

ABOVE TWO PHOTOS: In these two above photos, Jim Rockford and Laura Sue Dean are seen fleeing Angel Martin's church - In the background you can see the "GPS" Company which is now Reproductions 3499 Cahuenga Boulevard West - Los Angeles, CA and in the bottom photo the Goodman Music Store (which is now West L.A. Music) located at 3501 3499 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Los Angeles, CA

ABOVE PHOTO: Joel McKinnon Miller played Jim Rockford's cable man Mackie. Somehow a porn movie popped up on the TV after Mackie got done installing the cable box.
ABOVE PHOTO: Still image showing the gates to the Acropolis Pictures Movie Studios. The Acropolis Picture Movie Studios is actually what was the Desilu/Cahuenga Studios and most recently called Red Studios. 
Desilu Productions, co-owned by husband and wife Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, was best known for its hit productions such as I Love LucyStar Trek, and The Untouchables.
ABOVE PHOTO: Acropolis Pictures Movie Studios as it stands today as Red Studios located at 
846 N Cahuenga Street, Los Angeles, CA.

ABOVE PHOTO: You can see the following businesses across the street from Acropolis Pictures Movie Studios as this vehicle pulls into the entry gates: Queen of Thai Cuisine 819 N Cahuenga Blvd & Cahuenga Pet Hospital 825 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA .
ABOVE PHOTO: The 800 Block of Cahuenga in Los Angeles, CA as of today (2013)

ABOVE THREE PHOTOS: This restaurant was used twice in this episode of the Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise - Corleone's Restaurant was once located at 215 Rose Ave, Venice, CA. Next store to Corleone's you can see the Robin Rose Ice Cream Shop which also shared the same address of 215 Rose Ave, Venice, CA.
ABOVE PHOTO: Shows the building that once use to be Corleone's Restaurant & Robin Rose Ice Cream Shop at 215 Rose Ave, Venice, CA (2013 photo).
ABOVE PHOTO: Talk show host Morton Downey Jr. played himself in this episode of the Rockford Files.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mort in Chicago years back and he was truly a gentleman and just as funny in person as he was on TV. Mort's chain smoking killed him in 2001 at age 67 of lung cancer. 

ABOVE TWO PHOTOS: What would be an episode of the Rockford Files where Jim Rockford and/or his vehicle doesn't get beat??? 
ABOVE PHOTO: Richard Romanus played Private Eye Pengulnetti... Jim Rockford has no love for this fellow P.I. who keeps getting under Rockford's skin. The good news is Pengulnetti gets killed before the episode ends! 
Now I have a few filming locations I need some help with from this episode of A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.....
ABOVE PHOTO: The Phoenix Nightclub with the address being marked as "333". I cannot tell if this is a real nightclub front or just a multi-level parking garage "dressed up" to look like a nightclub. 
This filming location was identified by Senor Amor
The building is located at corner of Santa Monica & La Cienega, West Hollywood
It's currently a CVS Pharmacy - years ago it was
It was later, Flippers in the 1970's and early 1980's - a Roller Skating Disco
ABOVE PHOTO: This limo is blown up in the parking lot of The Phoenix Nightclub. There is a green and white street sign in the background but I am unable to read the name of the street.
Above Photo: Possibly the skyscrapers seen in the background of this filming scene can aid in the pinpointing of this parking lot and nightclub location. 
ABOVE LOCATION: This mansion has an address of "1400" posted. We can use any help possible in located what street this 1400 belongs to. The Rev. Angel Martin was staying in this mansion for this episode of the Rockford Files. 
ABOVE PHOTO: Jim Rockford's house trailer grew once the show started filming TV movies instead of a weekly television series. The trailer was parked at Paradise Cove in Malibu for this episode of "A BLESSING IN DISGUISE".


Brian said...

29 Cove Road in Malibu was the address after the first couple of episodes of the series. I have visited the area shown in the picture and had a good time. Sand Castle which is known now as Malibu Beach Cafe is across the parking lot from his trailer. I just got my DVD of the second set of made for TV Rockford Files movies. I wish he could have made more.

Anonymous said...

Almost certain Angel's house is in Benedict Canyon: 1400 Tower Grove Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210

Betts at the beach said...

Admiralty Way (in Marina del Rey) is, I am almost certain, the street sign you couldn't make out in the firey car scene

Anonymous said...

The West LA Music (former Goodman's) location on Cahuenga has closed. The highly visible keyboard image painted on the front of the building was a landmark for years, but it's a plain white facade now. I hope this image link works:,-118.3562442,3a,60y,183.31h,89.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIKB7KFsljZSjpQU2yNpZ5g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656