Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Rockford Files - Episode: Aura Lee, Farewell - Opening scene - Sea Shore Inn Fish House on Pacific Coast Highway

Here is another scene that we need help with. I digitally enhanced the restaurant's sign in the bottom photo. The restaurant was named SEA SHORE INN - FISH HOUSE. It appears to be on the Pacific Coast Highway. Anybody remember this restaurant and its location? Thanks! 

We have solved yet another location mystery. Loyal viewer Don H. has identified this location as 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Thank you Don H. for your assistance again...

BELOW: Some better quality images of the Sea Shore Inn Fish House as seen in another TV series: Ghost Story (TV 1972)- The Concrete Captain


Anonymous said...

There is an online reference to the Sea Shore Inn on PCH:


Scroll down to:

"...the Sea Shore Inn which was at the base of Sunset Blvd where it meets PCH [Pacific Coast Highway].

Now, there is a Gladstones there..."

Gladstone's website:

17300 Pacific Coast Hwy
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

It is no longer a huge dark roof, as seen in the Rockford episode. You can Google Street View the above address and you will see a lot of white concrete, somewhat like a stadium or sports arena in appearance.

--Don H.

Bruno Stewert said...

The year was either 1974 or 1975. We were visitng California from our home state of Florida. We stopped at the restaurant you have pictured. Back then the food was good, the prices were average and the plate was full of food. We stayed at a motel a little way up the highway. Very beautiful area back then.

Anonymous said...

Was never there for Sea Shore Inn but have been to Gladstones.

Anonymous said...

What memories you bring back. Great blog!

Jon said...

The same restaurant is used in the first scene of the 1972 NBC supernatural drama GHOST STORY. Gena Rowlands and Stuart Whitman play the opening act of "The Concrete Captain" in the parking lot beside the Sea Shore.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I worked at The Sea Shore Inn when I was a kid in the early 70's. It was a turn and burn tourist trap with horrible deep fried frozen fish. The owner was a great guy but a drunk named Austin Nienhauser. He owned the Sea Shore Inn and all the snack stands up PCH to Santa Monica Canyon called the "Neeney Way" which the name was used in the iconic Beach Boys song "Surf'n USA". I worked for them a few summers and had a BLAST growing up in Pacific Palisades when it was "Real"!!!

Anonymous said...

I worked for Mr. Nienhauser, too, in the same era (1973-4). I mainly worked the snack shacks "Neeny's Famous Weenies on the Beach." Young teens were allowed employment at these state beach franchises. $1.29 an hour was the below-minimum wage that was also allowed. It was great. Georgia was his bookkeeper, and Townsend was the Sea Shore Inn cook. Everyone else, it seemed, were kids. After 2 summers I lied about my age and started at the Chart House up the beach washing dishes.

Sal Goldstein said...
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