Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rockford Files - Episode: The Fourth Man - American Coin Shop 12164 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA - Vallie Allie, Nathan's Hotdogs, Studio City Camera Exchange

ABOVE PHOTO: The Vallie Allie & Nathan's Hot Dogs both of which were on the 12100 Block of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, CA
Below Photo:
Above Photo: Studio City Camera Exchange 12174 Ventura Blvd, North Hollywood, CA
ABOVE PHOTO: Harry's Camera Shop 11851 Ventura Blvd, Studio City in the 1970's
ABOVE PHOTO: Bing's Chinese Food on Ventura Blvd in North Hollywood / Studio City
ABOVE PHOTO: Actual interior view of American Coin Co. on Ventura Blvd in North Hollywood / Studio City
ABOVE PHOTO: Valley Arts Guitar Center 12162 Ventura Blvd. North Hollywood / Studio City
From this Rockford Files episode we saw a number of businesses from North Hollywood / Studio City, CA.
Bings Chinese Restaurant
Nathan's Hot Dogs
The Vallie Alley
Studio City Camera Exchange
Harry's Camera Shop
Valley Arts Guitar Center
American Coin Shop
All were located on the 11800-12100 block of Ventura Blvd in North Hollywood / Studio City
ABOVE IMAGE: A young Sharon Gless played Flight Attendant Lori Jenivan

ABOVE TWO IMAGES: James Garner's real brother Jack Garner played the U.S. Mailman
ABOVE IMAGE: Rare Coin Broker / Numismatist & Mafia Hit Man Timson Farrell was played by John McMartin who is 85 year of age and still acting. His female sales assistant was played by the most beautiful Dianne Harper - she was born in 1944.
ABOVE IMAGE: The female airport counter woman (far right) was played by another beautiful actress named Candace Howerton who was born in 1944.
ABOVE IMAGE: Mafia Body Guard and Hit Man Richard Stehler was played Michael Bell, who will be turning 78 in July of 2015.


ABOVE THREE IMAGES: The outdoor café used in this scene was the Los Angeles Zoo. A scene previous to this one showed the two mafia hit man meeting at the same zoo.
You can tell it is 1976, the year of the American Bi-Centennial, everything that year was red, white and blue and usually had some kind of American flag design on it such as the paper cups in this scene.
ABOVE IMAGE: Jim Rockford is at the library looking at past newspapers on microfilm. I doubt most kids today have any idea what this was.... But it was a very useful tool in its day - before the internet.

ABOVE THREE IMAGES: Some vintage 1970's images of LAX Airport.

ABOVE FOUR IMAGES: Shows Jim Rockford and Angel Martin driving up to a house that Jim is going to rent from Angel.
The house is located at 4422 Sylmar Ave, Los Angeles
ABOVE IMAGE: 4422 Sylmar Ave, Los Angeles as it looks like in 2015


Anonymous said...

Nathan's had some great hot dogs. What a blast to see the past in these images.

Anonymous said...

Bing's had some great food. You brought back some very good memories for me!

Jeff Miller said...

My father took me to the American Coin Shop for my 8th grade graduation. He bought me several silver ingots. We also ate at Nathan's across the street on more than one ocassions.

Anonymous said...

Studio City Camera Exchange just recently closed up. They re-did the front of the building and now it is a clothing store I think.

Anonymous said...

The house that Jim rents from located at 4422 Sylmar.

There is still an empty lot on the west side of the house.