Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Rockford Files - EPISODE: White on White and Nearly Perfect (1978) Updated/Corrected Information thanks to Ron H!

I thought I would never find the location of this strip joint used in the 1978 filming of the Rockford Files... Thanks to a viewer (Ron H) for the address: Pussy Cat 7969 Santa Monica Blvd
ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS: Jim Rockford pulls into the parking lot of "Blackwell's  Disco & Strip Joint". In the below photo the small yellow sign can be seen belonging to this strip joint. BLAZE & AMBER Stripping Nightly. WOW, strippers names really have NOT changed much in 40 years! 

ABOVE PHOTO: "Most Exotic Cat In The World" dancing cage.

ABOVE PHOTO: Info from our e-mail reveals this info:
They may have used the exterior front of the club on sunset but that red "cat" cage was behind the Pink Pussycat strip club at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd for years looking just like that. The car exiting the parking lot picture looks like it's leaving the lot on the east side of the Pussy Cat property because the USA gas station (now a 76 station) is on the other side of Santa Monica.
Ron H.

Thank you Ron H. - I believe I made a error with the below photo and your information is most certainly correct. I have to agree that  Blackwell's Disco / Strip Joint was located at:
7969 Santa Monica Blvd
ABOVE: 2017 Photo of the location.

ABOVE PHOTO: USA GASOLINE STATION was once located at 7900 Block of Santa Monica Blvd - Today it is a Union 76 Gas Station.

 ABOVE PHOTO: Inside image of the Blackwell's Disco & Strip Joint on Sunset Blvd. 

 ABOVE PHOTO: Famed Actor Raynold Gideon played Tuner Watson.

ABOVE PHOTO: Belle Labelle / Barbara Gortner was played by the beautiful & sexy actress Julienne Wells

BELOW 7 PHOTOS: Lance White (Tom Selleck) and Jim Rockford (James Garner) drive down Sunset Blvd in 1978 - In the background you can see different local businesses such as "Travelodge", "Motor Lodge" , Schonlaw Chevrolet on Sunset Blvd and more 

UPDATE: From a viewer - The "motor hotel" in the pictures is the Saharan Motor Hotel at 7212 Sunset Blvd


Unknown said...

The prop department went all out on that Tuner Watson nameplate. :)

Anonymous said...

The "motor hotel" in the pictures is the Saharan Motor Hotel at 7212 Sunset Blvd

Anonymous said...

LOVE that episode! Tom and James had real chemistry.
LOVE your blog!

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the best Rockford episodes. Great writing, acting, and timing make this one a true classic. From Lance, parade floats, flesh wounds, oxygen masks, and guard dogs, this one can be watched over and over again, and still be entertaining.

Lance said...

Yeah...I am too busy for the pusycats

bill bazen said...

Hi,I'm associated with the Producers of another 1970's NBC TV Series..."Movin'On".I have been tracking locations for about five years now for this show.I recently came across a filming location for this Rockford episode while searching for Movin'On filming locations.Don't know if you have this location documented but it's the home where the shoot-out takes place.[Tom Selleck's character is shot in the arm in the driveway!].BTW-A filming location for the "Kojack" series is within site of this home![Kojack episode "Nursemaid"].I can be contacted at MOVINONFAN@YAHOO.COM.