Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"The Rockford Files" EPISODE: The Deuce (1979) 1970's Burbank California - The Ramp Restaurant & Lounge - Gary Bric's Ramp Restaurant & Lounge

ABOVE IMAGES: Left Photo is a still image from The Rockford Files "The Deuce" episode showing "The Ramp" Restaurant & Cocktails in Burbank, CA. Right Photo is a photo of Gray Bric's Ramp Restaurant & Lounge as it appears in 2013. LOCATION: 7730 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA

ABOVE IMAGE: Former Burbank California Mayor & Current City Council Member Gary Bric, the current owner of Gary Bric's Ramp Restaurant & Lounge. Mr. Bric was not the owner of "The Ramp" when the Rockford Files filming occurred. Mr. Bric purchase the business about 20 years ago.
I personally spoke to Mr. Bric when I was following up this location for this article. Mr. Bric was very pleasant and helpful in regards to my inquiries.
Thank You Mr. Bric!!!

 ABOVE IMAGE: A night time image of "The Ramp" as it appeared in the Rockford Files in 1979.

 ABOVE PHOTO: Actor Mills Watson can be seen on the left hand bar stool inside The Ramp Restaurant & Lounge in the 1970's.


Don the Beachcomer said...

The 1970's were the times to be in lounges, diners and discos. It was like no other time I have ever seen. I love the 1970's decorations and furnishings.

Julius Sabania said...

Los Angeles is gaining its popularity as one of the perfect Residential Filming Locations to shoot. Because of the wide space and beautiful area that they have.

Anonymous said...

Besides the cars, the main reason you can tell that the 1979 photo is from a long time ago is the phone booth. Remember those babies? When is the last time you saw one? Many, many years ago!