Friday, May 1, 2015

The Rockford Files - Episode: The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (1977) We found the filming location of FREEDOM Farm & Golden Grove Apartments - ACTORS: Sherman Royle - Robert DoQui - Scott Brady - Karen Machon - Strother Martin - Gretchen Corbett - 18304 (E) Collins Street, Los Angeles, California

ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS:  18304 Collins Street, Tarzana, California - The above images are still photos from the Rockford Files episode and the below photo is how these apartments look today.
NOTE: A corrected photo has been added below.
18403 Collins Street, Tarzana, CA 91356
I thank our alert viewers who supplied the blog with the correct information!
ABOVE PHOTO: Alex Rocco played the slick stock broker Sherman Royle   
ABOVE PHOTOS: The late veteran actor Robert DoQui played the tough S.W.A.T. Commander on this episode of the Rockford Files - The late great Scott Brady returned to a second appearance of the Rockford Files as the mobbed up land developer. Scott Brady was also a tough guy in a previous episode called "Gearjammers"
BELOW PHOTO: The naturally beautiful actress Karen Machon on the far left, Strother Martin  as seen in the wheelchair as T.T. Flowers, Gretchen Corbett as Jim Rockford's attorney Beth Davenport and of course James Garner and Noah Beery Jr.


Jimmy D - UCLA said...

Great find! Fantastic work. You are the master of finding these Rockford Files filming locations.

Anonymous said...

I google map this location and compared it to the video from this episode. You are 100% on the money with this location.

Mary B from ohio said...

Thank you for all the tike you spent on this blog.... Very well documented.

Anonymous said...

Curious as to why in the frame from the show the apartment building is at street level but the recent photograph shows that you must walk up 10 steps to reach the apartment building.

James Rockford said...

They lowered the street to accommodate rainwater and to widen the streets due to all the new residences that were being built. (Heavier vehicular traffic)

Anonymous said...

The above address is close but is not accurate. I believe the true address of Freedom to be 18404 Collins.
The apartments in the 2 above pictures do not match. One is street level apartments and the other is elevated by at least 10 stairs.
Watching the episode over again , I read 18401. This address would make more sense. It is the same building design at this address. This would make Freedom 18404. This would also make sense. Searching property records, 18404 was built in 1977.

James Tyler said...

The above poster is 100% correct. Freedom is Not located at 18304e Collins but rather 18404 e Collins.
Watching this episode on Netflix today you can CLEARLY see the address on the apartment across the street. It says 18403e.
Watch Netflix at 22:58 and it will without a doubt show you that Freedom is not located at 18304.
Google map 18403e and you will see that the apartment building has not changed since the 70's. It looks exactly like it did in the episode.
The first two pictures do not look the same and that is because they are not.
Again, Netflix 22:58 and you will have no doubts that Freedom is 18404e.

Gryffud said...

Alex Rocco recently passed away: 7/18/15.