Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What or where was the locations of Jim Rockford's house trailer & office on the Rockford Files TV Show - The parking lot of BOB MORRIS' PARADISE COVE BEACH CAFE & the parking lot of the long defunct Tonga Lei Lounge / Don the Beachcomer's Lounge both in Malibu California - 29 Cove Road - 2356 Pacific Coast Highway - 28128 Pacific Coast Highway - Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy

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ABOVE PHOTO: In the first year of filming the ROCKFORD FILES the house trailer used by Jim Rockford was parked directly next to Malibu's Tonga Lei Restaurant & Lounge which was once located at 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy. Malibu, Calif. 90265 456-6444.  This location was actually right on Pacific Coast Highway unlike the later location which was well off Pacific Coast Highway.
Tonga Lei was a popular Malibu restaurant and motel right on PCH in scenic Malibu, and operated from the '60s probably into the '70s, when it became a Don the Beachcomber.
Later on Jim Rockford's house trailer was moved to the parking lot of what is now the Paradise Cove Beach Café located at 28128 Pacific Coast Highway. Although it has a Pacific Coast Highway address it is actually located down a ways from the highway and is situated right on the oceanfront. The road is called Paradise Cove Road, thus the address they used for this location in the TV series: 29 Cove Road Malibu, CA

ABOVE AND BELOW PHOTO CREDITS:   http://laobserved.com/malibu/   Los Angeles Observed



Bill Anderson said...

...except in the episode Claire. There the trailer is in a third spot. I've speculated that this third spot, for that one episode, is in Santa Monica at the location of the former Ocean Park Pier.

Ocean Park Pier

Veronique said...

Hi --

Great blog! Also, that's my uncredited photo of the Cove sign, via flickr.

Veronique said...

Another shot for you to post if you like: the site of Jim's trailer in Paradise Cove as it looks today:


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Visiting there now!!
No sign of Jim or Rocky!!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the trailer and watching some filming while taking my dear Mother to lunch there at Jimmy MacDonald's ??? at Paradise Cove Pier. We also went there to dinner a few times. Good food & good view!!

He actually lived in a nice house out Kentner Caynon. I used to occasionally pick up his housekeeper as she started her walk down to Sunset to get her bus after a day of work. She always spoke highly of James Garner. I was coming down from Crestwood stables where my daughters kept their horse. - Louise Brown