Friday, March 14, 2014

THE ROCKFORD FILES - EPISODE: The Big Cheese (1979) Actors/Actresses: Mary Jackson, Constance Towers, "Arnold Moe", Francis X. McCarthy, Ben Andrews, Mark Lonow, George Pentecost, WWII Vet Alan Manson, Bill McLean, Anne Churchill - Rockford Files Filming Locations - THE BIG CHEESE: J&J Coffee Shop, Thelma's, In-Fashion Carpet and Drapery Shop, Heart's Restaurant, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, The Cigarette and Gift Shop at the old Los Angeles Union Station in the 1970's, Herald Examiner Newspaper Building 1101 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA - Scene Blooper from the Rockford Files, The Big Cheese episode

Actress Mary Jackson (1910-2005) played the tough by the rules U.S. Postal Inspector.
The beautiful Constance Towers played the undercover IRS agent.
An unknown unaccredited actor played Arnold Moe.
The J & J Coffee Shop can be seen through the glass doors - This building was used as the newspaper office. J&J Coffee Shop is now Thelma's located at 1108 S. Broadway in Los Angeles.
Thanks to a alert viewer, these glass doors are the entrance to the old Herald Examiner Newspaper Building - Thank You.
Thelma's was once the J&J Coffee Shop located at 1108 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA
Jim Rockford can be seen leaving the bank located at 16926 Saticoy Van Nuys, CA.
In the background the In-Fashion Carpet and Drapery Shop can be seen across the street.
Jim Rockford and Lt. Dennis Becker have some food at Heart's Coffee Shop and Restaurant located at 16918 Saticoy in Van Nuys, CA.
Heart's Restaurant is still here in 2014 and the bank is now the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art building on Saticoy Street in Van Nuys.
The Cigarette and Gift Shop at the old Los Angeles Union Station in the 1970's.
Actor Francis X. McCarthy played Jim Rockford's writer friend Eddie Hellinger who ends up getting murdered by thugs from a mobbed up union.
Actor Ben Andrews played "Stamps" in this episode of the Rockford Files, sadly Ben Andrews pasted away shortly after appearing in the Rockford Files at the age of 38 in 1981 - Mark Lonow played "Coco" and is alive and well in 2014 at age 76.
Actor George Pentecost played banker George Neff in this episode of the Rockford Files. Sadly we lost George Pentecost in 2003.
World War II veteran Alan Manson played the mobbed up union boss Chuck Ryan.
Actor Bill McLean played the nervous wreck U.S. Mailman in this episode of the Rockford Files.
The very young and sexy Anne Churchill played the bubbly newspaper office clerk.
SCENE BLOOPER: Many of the items seen on top of the table magically disappears in this scene from the Rockford Files. The flowers, the box of Sugar Frosted Flakes and the electric can opener are there one second and gone the next.

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Bill Anderson said...

The newspaper location could be the departed Herald Examiner -- Herald Examiner.