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The Rockford Files - Episode: Paradise Cove (1979) The fantastic & beautiful Mariette Hartley stars in this episode. Mariette Hartley & James Garner were beloved in their Polaroid Camera Commercials - This episode also featured the following actors: Leif Erickson - Byron Morrow - Frederick Herrick - Peter Brocco - actress Christine Avila - Actors and Stuntmen Branscombe Richmond, Jerry Summers and Tony Brubaker - Actor Jack Sands - Actor John Davey - Actor Joe Santos - Actor Luis Delgado - Actor Stuart Margolin - The Citizen's Newspaper Building 1545 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Actor Leif Erickson was a WWII veteran. He served 4 years in the Navy as a combat photographer. Erickson was in two different aircrafts that were shot down and was wounded in each incident.
Actor Byron Morrow was also a WWII veteran. He served as an entertainer in the Pacific Theater for our U.S. and Allied Soldiers.
James Garner, the star of the Rockford Files is a Korean War Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient for injuries received during combat. 
Thank you for your service to our country gentleman.
ABOVE PHOTO: Frederick Herrick played "Short On Smarts" Cliff Calloway
ABOVE PHOTO: Actor Peter Brocco (1903 - 1992) played Roscoe. Brocco acted in three different episodes of the Rockford Files.
ABOVE PHOTO: The very pretty actress Christine Avila played a nurse in this episode.
ABOVE PHOTO: Left to Right - Native American Actor and Stuntman Branscombe Richmond who stands 6'3" tall played Frankie Reva, he will turn 59 years old in 2014 - Actor and Stuntman Jerry Summers (1931-2006) played Mick Jarrow - Actor and Stuntman Tony Brubaker who stands 6'4" played Kermit Wilson and is still actively acting in 2014.
ABOVE PHOTO: Actor Raymond O'Keefe played Jack Sands
ABOVE PHOTO: Actor John Davey played Rudy. Davey was in a total of 6 Rockford Files episodes.
- Deadlock in Parma (1980) ... Mechanic
- Paradise Cove (1979) ... Rudy
- A Material Difference (1979) ... Cowboy
- Heartaches of a Fool (1978) ... Deputy Harnsworth
- Forced Retirement (1977) ... Sgt. Jacobson
- Beamer's Last Case (1977) ... Delivery Man
ABOVE PHOTOS: All the great regular appearing actors on the Rockford Files- Joe Santos (age 83) as Lt. Dennis Becker - Luis Delgado (1925-1997) as Officer Billings, Delgado was the brother-in-law of one of the Rockford Files show creator Roy Huggins - Actor Stuart Margolin as Angel.

ABOVE THREE PHOTOS: The chemistry could not have been better when they paired up James Garner and Mariette Hartley in this episode of the Rockford Files. These two actors already had the public's admiration having starred together in countless Polaroid Camera commercials as a "couple". Many people thought they were actually a married couple based on those 1970's commercials.
ABOVE PHOTO: Since this episode was almost exclusively filmed on the Universal Studio Lot and on Paradise Cove the only filming location I have for you from this episode is this one.
The Citizen's Newspaper Building 1545 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA


DreamSpinner said...

Thanks for this...such good research with lots of affection for these folks who cheer our lives.

Sparrow said...

Great site.
Went on a minor search for Rockford locations on a road trip via California in Feb. I believe the photo with John Davey (where Rockford is holding the sign saying "Silence is Golden") is actually located on the entrance to the Paradise Grove trailer location.
These are on the right as you drive to the car park, just before you notice the signs saying you will be charged a fortune and turn round.
They are also next to the signs saying no stopping, which you stop next to in order to take a photo.
Friendly place ;)