Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rockford Files - EPISODE: The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club (1975) Re: Municipal Light Water Power building - Another filming mystery solved - Thanks to Don! Municipal Light Water Power 5108 Lankershim Blvd. It's now the Lankershim Arts Center

As always I am so thankful for all the viewers who submit information.... but in this case I do NOT think this is a match. ABOVE PHOTO: building on the left is the Municipal Light Water Power building as seen in the Rockford Files.... the building on the right is the address that was submitted by our viewer Don, Municipal Light Water Power building is: 2417 Daly St., Los Angeles CA 90031.
The buildings have two different facades. And as seen in the lower photo, the building in the Rockford Files was much wider with a widow to the left of the large entrance area.
Also the building as seen in the episode has the words MUNICPAL LIGHT WATER POWER straight across the canopy - the building on Daley Street has the words arched out around the canopy. 
So my guess is that there were a few of these Municipal Light Water Power buildings in Los Angeles. We just haven't found the correct one yet.


Don said...

Hi Bill: I'm still looking for the Municipal Light Water Power building. I've accumulated maybe 12 old addresses and none have panned out so far. You are correct, the 2417 Daly Street location is *not* a match. I did want it to be looked at in case it were remodeled or something, which is not the case.

Rockford Files Tv Show said...

As always Don, thank you so much!

Don said...

After viewing the scenes again at Municipal Light, Water, & Power, I notice when Rockford and the girl are outside next to his car, the angles favoring Rockford show part of an auto repair shop next to Municipal Light. When Rockford turns to leave the shot, you can see most of a large painted street number, either 3100 or 5100, along with some blurry phone numbers. As the camera moves, at one point you can see what appears to be the word "doctor" on part of a sign. Then there is a street or alley way with a tractor trailer rig parked there, and beyond that you can see an ice cream parlor/store. But I haven't been able match up anything with these either so far.

Don said...

Finally found the Municipal Light Water Power building location. There is a nice current photo of it at this link:

Today it is known as Lankershim Arts Center.

It used to be L.A. Department of Water and Power Building, designed by architect S. Charles Lee c.1939

Abandoned by the Department of Water & Power, the Streamline Moderne style building currently houses the Lankershim Arts Center in the thriving NoHo Arts District. Declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (No. 232) in 1980.

Located at 5108 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, California.

(Google Street View reveals the building is partly obscured nowadays by trees out front. The auto repair place seen in the episode today is an AMC. The ice cream parlor a short distance to the right as seen in the episode today is Crown Chili Burger.)

Unknown said...

I have it if you haven't found it yet!