Tuesday, January 12, 2016

From our E-Mail - A Red Jaguar (E-Type) seen in different episodes of the Rockford Files

The above photo did not come with the e-mail - I found it searching Google
I’ve been doing a nostalgic binge watching of Rockford Files the last few weeks (my dad and I watched the series religiously when I was a kid in the 70’s.)  So thank you for your RF filming location blog.  A great resource, adding a fun dimension to the experience. 
I’m not sure how to post a question on your blog – so hope this email makes it to the expert.
One thing I never noticed long ago – but now do notice is that in very many episodes of the show: there is a particular red Jag E-type positioned in various shots – this car is everywhere (near Jim’s trailer, parked on the street in various downtown shots, driving by Jim’s gold Formula on the road, etc.) 
It’s similar to Hitchcock showing up in all his films…
Do you know the story of this car?   
I did a bunch of web searches – but nothing came up.  Perhaps you know…
Anybody have an answer? Either leave it in the comment section or e-mail it to me at:


neven surfac said...

I read some where that it was William Wiard's car. But I only got this from one source. I do also see the Ubiquitous grey 71 Vega and the Ubiquitous yellow 67 Thunderbird (often together). I know from Ed Robinson's book the production crew was lean/efficient, so I speculate that they drove themselves to the shooting location and parked their cars in the background.

James Rockford said...

I was told the same think from some production people on the set.

neven surfac said...

Thank you. There is a new podcast called twohundredaday. That would really like to learn more about details like this. Please check them out, I think you would enjoy it. And I know the hosts would love to have you on as a guest as well. Check them out!