Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: A Good Clean Bust with Sequel Rights (1978) Marriott Airport Hotel, Spotlight Club Bar, Astro Theater, Merit Savings Bank, Florsheim Shoes

ABOVE IMAGES: Still frames from this episode of the Los Angeles Marriott Airport Hotel. The baby blue interior is a sign of the 1970's! Below is the way the Marriott Airport Hotel appeared during this period. The Marriott Hotel has spent millions of dollars in updating this large hotel. 

ABOVE IMAGE: Aerial shot overlooking the 300 Block of East First Street during the late 1970's as seen in this episode. Florsheim Shoes is on the left Merit Savings Bank is on the right. 

ABOVE IMAGE: Aerial shot overlooking the 300 Block of South Broadway during the late 1970's as seen in this episode. The Astro Theater can be seen on the left.   

 Above Images: The Spotlight Club THEN & NOW. 
Located at 1601 N. Cahuenga in Los Angeles.

ABOVE IMAGE:  This inside bar scene is suppose to be the interior of the Spotlight Club. But based on the doorway being totally different than the exterior shot, I would guess this is a studio/stage bar located at NBC / Universal studios. I do love the sign on the wall just past the man sitting at the bar that reads "CHILI 20 CENTS"


Anonymous said...

After Jim and Falcone leave the Spotlight Club...they chase each other around the block to the Gilbert Hotel on Wilcox and Selma. The Club and Gilbert are on the same city block.
The view of the Gilbert hotel looks south towards Sunset. The current view is very similar to the one in the 70's.
Jeff Morrison(mozilla)

Anonymous said...

The Spotlight seems to be something different now. Looking on Google Earth the sign outside now reads "Aventine". I guess it's an Italian restaurant.

Morgan McDannell

Anonymous said...

Another location I found not pictured here is on the 2300 block of Kent Street at the corner of Waterloo, Los Angeles. On Google Earth all the houses plus one apartment complex seems to still be there. With different color coats of paint of course.

Morgan McDannell

James Tyler said...

The Marriott hotel in this episode is exterior B roll footage only. All hotel scenes were filmed at the Universal Sheraton. A popular filming location for Rockford.
The large chandeliers are still hanging in the hallways today. You might have recognized the conference room atop the hotel as the same one used in the episode Trouble in Chapter 17.

Sunny and me said...

What about Beverley Sherwyn hotel, where is that?