Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: Cracked Back - Gibby's Place Restaurant & Bar

This shot in the same episode shows the old Citizens Bank Building.

 Gibby's Place Restaurant & Bar was located at 13300 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, CA. It was actually a real restaurant & bar but the true name of the business wasn't Gibby's Place. Anybody know what the real name of this place was? Today the Prudential Realty Co. occupies the building at 13300 Ventura Blvd.


Anonymous said...

I remember eating at that restaurant in the mid 70's but cannot remember the name. I will check with a few friends and let you know. There was also an Italian restaurant across the street from there that was a good place to eat.

Rob said...

The name of the restaurant in the episode "Gibby's" is named after Gibby Germaine, the Chief Electrician on "The Rockford Files" Gibby worked with Jim as far back as the original Maverick. I have some photos of Gibby as well.