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Rockford Files TV Movie - "If the Frame Fits" (1996) - Victor Clothing Company - Wyss Brothers Catering, Southwestern Bag Co., Bunker Hill Police Station, Los Angeles Federal Building 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Nate Starkman Building, Silverlakes Car Wash or Silver Lakes Car Wash, Carl's Pantry Restaurant

ABOVE PHOTO: Gretchen Corbett returned to the Rockford Files to play Jim Rockford's attorney Beth (Davenport) Van Zandt - The new last name to reflect her marriage to a fellow attorney. Gretchen was just turning 50 years old in this 1996 Rockford Files TV Movie and looked pretty damn good!

ABOVE PHOTO: One of the special sexiness to the Rockford Files was the TV show's ability to use very sexy and attractive older women in series. So many TV shows like to use 20 year old female models but the Rockford Files always found mature beautiful women to guest star in their show. If the Frame Fits was no exception. The very sexy  Dyan Cannon played Jim Rockford's love interest Jess Wilding (IRS Agent). Dyan Cannon was born in 1937 and was almost 60 years old in this episode.
BELOW PHOTO: Jess Wilding showing off her terrific body and legs!

ABOVE PHOTO: LEFT TO RIGHT - Tom Atkins as Commander Diehl (Now age 77), James Garner's real life brother Jack Garner as Capt. McEnroe (Deceased 2011) and James Luisi as Capt. Doug Chapman (Deceased 2002)

ABOVE PHOTO: James Garner's real life friend and co-star Joe Santos returning for his role as Lt. Dennis Becker (Age 81)

ABOVE PHOTO: The Rockford Files episode "If the Frame Fits" was the first episode to address the passing of Noah Beery Jr. who played James Rockford's TV dad Joseph Rockford also known as Rocky. Noah Beery Jr. passed away at 81 years old in 1994.

ABOVE PHOTO: Carmen Argenziano of the GODFATHER movie fame played Hector Gustavo, born in 1943 Carmen is alive and well today in 2013. 

ABOVE PHOTO: Born in 1961, Dyana Ortelli played Linda Gustavo.

ABOVE THREE PHOTOS: Stuart Margolin returns to this 1996 Rockford Files movie to relive his fantastic role of Evelyn Angel Martin... Angel was scamming a stay in the above mansion when Jim Rockford came knocking on his door.

ABOVE PHOTO: Michael Leopard played Jim Rockford's handyman George.

ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS: The Metropolitan Police Station - Bunker Hill Division is actually a building located at 635 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA

 ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS: Victor Clothing Company 242 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA - Above photo shows front of the building and below photo shows the rear of the building with a large painted mural for Victor Clothing Company.

ABOVE PHOTO: One of Jim Rockford's most hated place to visit, the Federal Building at 11000 Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA

ABOVE PHOTO: Jim Rockford being the perfect gentleman as usual as he walks his longtime friend and past love interest Beth Davenport to her car. In the background you can see the SOUTHWESTERN BAG Co. located at 1380 East 6th Street. Los Angeles.
This building is right by the building used as a police station in this episode.

ABOVE PHOTO: The Nate Starkman Building 544 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA

ABOVE PHOTO: Linden Chiles played U.S. Senator Aspall in this episode. Linden Chiles is pushing 80 years old today.

 ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS: The above photo shows Jim Rockford driving his car into the Silver Lakes Car Wash located at 3595 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - the below photo shows the Carl's Pantry Restaurant located across the street from the car wash at 210 N. Virgil Ave in Los Angeles. 

ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS: Jim Rockford in one of his famous car chase scenes, this time at Scott Street and Stadium Way in Los Angeles. Below photo shows the Grace E. Simons Lodge turn off. 

 ABOVE AND BELOW PHOTOS: What would be a Rockford Files episode that didn't include Jimbo getting some kind of Mexican food? Here Jim Rockford stops at a WYSS BROTHER CATERING TRUCK specializing Mexican food to go. The truck is parked right outside the above mentioned Victory Clothing Company. 

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Patricia Nolan Stein said...

This is probably my favorite Rockford Files TV film. It's excellent. Dyan Cannon and Garner are great together. And I like every episode and TV film which features Beth.