Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Rockford Files - Episode: Claire (1975) Starring Linda Evans as Claire - Jack's at the Beach Cocktail Lounge - Jack's at the Beach was located in Santa Monica at the end of the Ocean Park Pier.

ABOVE PHOTO: Jack's at the Beach Cocktail Lounge
ABOVE PHOTO: Jack's at the Beach Cocktail Lounge

ABOVE PHOTO: Jack's at the Beach Cocktail Lounge

ABOVE PHOTO: Jack's at the Beach Cocktail Lounge

In this episode of "CLAIRE" the once famous Jacks at the Beach lounge was featured.

From my understanding Jacks was located in Santa Monica on the pier...
Is that correct? Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

90¢ for a Scotch and Water?

Now that is a bar I could go to!

$10.00 and your drunk for a week!

Anonymous said...

Hi: I found some online references.

"Jack's at the Beach was located in Santa Monica at the end of the Ocean Park Pier."

"Building razed in March 1975..."

The Rockford episode 'Claire' first aired January 31, 1975, so it would have been filmed a few months prior to that.

Regarding the apartment-type building seen in 'Claire' as you leave the pier, there is another photo of the building on Facebook, which includes the following comment:

"...Those dang apartments, and the Ocean Park Redevelopment project, accelerated POP's decline..."

-Don H.

Anonymous said...

Found some more specific info.

From "Hometown Santa Monica: The Bay Cities Book" in Google Books:

"...Today not even a plaque marks its [POP- Pacific Ocean Park] location (between Venice's Rose Avenue and Santa Monica's Ocean Park parking lots)..."

Also, the apartment building(s) can be seen if you Google Street View, or go to Bing.com maps and get a bird's eye view of the intersection of Neilson Way and Hill St. in Santa Monica, which is near Rose Avenue.

--Don H.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the Claire episode Jackie Cooper pulls up in a black and white squad car (AMC) that was used in Adam-12. the 0 1 2 is on the sides of the "Reds" as Pete Malloy would call them.

The Rockford Files Blog said...

As always Don, Thank You!

Jamie Shields said...

howdy - just a note that the "White Owl Lounge" that Jim goes to visit Claire in is now "Michael's Market & Liquor" at 7510 Woodman in Van Nuys. here's a link to what it looks like now... and it also looks like the adjacent gas station that Jim passes when he pulls into park is now a vacant lot
-Jamie Shields


Fnarf said...

According to the CPI, $0.90 in 1975 is equivalent to $3.99 in 2015 -- still a pretty spectacular price for a cocktail in an oceanside bar. The price in a modern equivalent to Jack's in Santa Monica is going to run you something like $12-15. No room for Rockfords in this world anymore.

Sunny and me said...

He knows Jack .

Unknown said...

Where bugsy Siegel had his last meal