Saturday, February 1, 2014

THE ROCKFORD FILES - EPISODE: A DIFFERENT DRUMMER 1979 - Actress Jesse Welles, John Considine, Fritzi Burr, Patrick Culliton, Carmen Argenziano, David S. Cass Sr., Walter Brooke, Anne Bellamy, Sandy Freeman, Glenn Robards, West Los Angeles VA Hospital 1970's

My favorite actress returns to the Rockford Files for another appearance - The sexy and beautiful Jesse Welles plays Sorel Henderson.
See the two below photos:
ABOVE PHOTO: Paradise Cove Pier with Rocky Rockford, Jim Rockford and 
 Jesse Welles as Sorel Henderson
Jesse Welles was the actress I had my teenage crush on! She is spectacular!
BELOW PHOTO: The very young John Considine played Dr. Lee Yost

BELOW PHOTO: The late great character actress Fritzi Burr played the grumpy tax lady  

BELOW PHOTO: Actor Patrick Culliton played a California Sheriff Deputy.
Patrick Culliton will be in the 2013 release of "MATA HARI"

BELOW PHOTO: Carmen Argenziano and famous Hollywood Stuntman David S. Cass Sr.
appeared in this episode of the Rockford Files as two crazy hill-honker thugs

BELOW PHOTO: 1970's California Police Cruiser / Squad Car 

BELOW PHOTO: The late great Walter Brooke played Dr. Bosca 

BELOW PHOTO: Anne Bellamy who has been in many recent movie and TV productions in 2012 played a nurse in this episode of the Rockford Files

BELOW PHOTO:  Beautiful Sandy Freeman played Dr. Addison 

BELOW PHOTO: What would be an episode of the Rockford Files without Lt. Dennis Becker 

 BELOW PHOTO: Glenn Robards in the Rockford Files

BELOW PHOTO: West Los Angeles VA Hospital as it appeared in the 1979 episode of the Rockford Files and below that how it currently appears in 2012

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