Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 28, 2017 - Oldest living actor/actress that appeared on the Rockford Files TV Show - Connie Sawyer is now 104 years old - Played Mrs. Fornechefsky in the 1978 episode "The Gang at Don's Drive-In"

In the above still image from the 1978 Rockford Files - Episode: "The Gang at Don's Drive-In" Connie Sawyer played the role of Mrs. Fornechefsky, whose daughter was murdered at age 18. Ms. Sawyer was 66 years old at the time. She is still acting today at 104 years old.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your excellent efforts in adding more locations & people stories.
I love the Rockford Files, and I check your site nearly every day.
FYI CoziTV shows the RF on weekends, but they are edited (cuts!) and full of ads, but its better than nothing. So why do I watch them when I have all of the DVD's ??
Keep up the good work!!!!

Baba Booey said...

And terribly LATE!!!